Saturday, May 14, 2011

what's new

I thought I'd post an update.. as far as what's new, well work is still chaotic, extremely busy and it really is getting overwhelming. If all goes well I will be moving partially into a new area (marketing) and I am looking forward to that very, very much..

I also started another blog. If there are any audiophiles out there, please head on over and take a look: It's my impressions about the world of audiophiles and a major premise throughout the blog is that people really don't hear the differences between equipment that they claim they do - most of it is all in their head, due to the power of expectations.

The other night I switched over to channel 5.2 (we only have regular television, no cable) and I saw part of the movie Fail-Safe. If you're not familiar with it, Henry Fonda stars as the president who faces some difficult decisions when instructions are accidentally given to drop nuclear bombs on Moscow.

When I first saw the movie ages ago, I thought it was good, mainly because of the tension and suspense built on whether the mission would actually go through or be stopped in time.

When I saw it the other night, I focused more on the psychology of the situation - what was going through everyone's minds, and how they acted. It's really a very well done movie. Since I didn't get to finish watching it this time, I just ordered it from Amazon.

If you've never seen it, I highly recommend it. It's rather dated but the psychology is just as applicable to issues facing us today as it was back then.

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