Monday, May 16, 2011


We've been bombarded by ads from Carl's Jr. about their new charbroiled turkey burger sandwiches that are supposed to be healthier for you since they have less than 500 calories (490 to be exact). That's quite a feat for a fast-food chain, especially one that constantly promotes excess in everything it sells (including the television ads featuring Miss Turkey).

The last time I ate at a Carl's Jr. was many years ago, back in the 90's sometime. I remember their burgers being pretty good but the french fries were awful. The reasons I hadn't gone in a long time were because everything was so excessive there and I also didn't like their television ads.

But.. maybe this turkey burger would be different. The pictures looked good. We had coupons. So we went to the one close to the house, and each ordered the one with guacamole along with criss-cut fries.

So how was it? Did it live up to the mouthwatering ads or was it like Red Lobster, all nice in the pictures and disappointing in actuality?

Well it wasn't as bad as eating at Red Lobster but it was nothing exciting. It was pretty meh. The chicken sandwich they were serving at El Pollo Loco not too long ago but unfortunately discontinued, was a lot better.

Carl's Jr: The wheat bun was kind of mushy. The turkey patty itself was okay, a decent-sized breast portion of real meat, not flaked and formed or pressed and smashed. The guacamole tasted like like it was scooped out of a tub from the grocery store. There's a slice of melted peppered cheese on top of the patty which was a nice touch and added some spice. Overall it was okay, nothing exciting.

El Pollo Loco: This was like a torta - the bread was better. The chicken patty was char broiled and real meat, like Carl's (chicken and not turkey, though) and it had more taste. The guacamole was also fresher and thicker. Like I said, unfortunately they stopped selling it so I guess it wasn't all that popular.

The turkey burger wasn't impressive enough for us to go back and have another one so I guess it might be another long span of years before returning to Carl's. It was okay, but the print and television ads have a lot more sizzle than the actual burger does.

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