Monday, May 30, 2011


We finally decided to get a new mattress. Our old one was pretty old - like nearly 20 years - and of course those Sit N Sleep commercials talking about how your mattress is a haven for bedbugs and a perspiration repository and other ewww stuff like that helped make our decision easier.

I heard a lot of good things about memory foam mattresses. We went to Living Spaces and tried the Tempur-pedics they had. Very nice. Very expensive. Only one model was under $2,000; the rest of them were well over that, even as high as $8,995.

Since a person normally spends about 1/3 of their life sleeping, you shouldn't skimp on a mattress. Sure, it might be expensive but you have to look at it in terms of the number of years of benefit you get from it and also, that you should treat your body nicely.

But still, that's expensive. I did a lot of research on foam mattresses and most of it indicated that perhaps Tempur-pedics made the best, but you could do almost as well and many said just as well, with other brands that cost a fraction of that price. In other words, the extra price you paid didn't translate into a proportional extra benefit.

Like I always do, I looked to see what Costco had available. After reading tons of reviews and knowing that Costco is king when it comes to warranties and returns, I ordered a queen size NovaForm (made by Sleep Innovations) from their web site. It made too much sense not to.

The mattress arrived via UPS, all 90+ lbs of it but tightly compressed in a vacuum-sealed bag. In fact when we got it, we looked at it and wondered if they sent us the wrong size because it didn't look very big. As soon as I started cutting open the bag, though, the hiss of air escaping made it clear this thing was going to expand rapidly and expand it did - rapidly - so I had to hurry up and finish cutting the bag because this was looking like a Lucy Ricardo moment with the mattress growing by the second.

Most definitely it was the right sized queen. It expanded quickly and looked great. Many people complained about an initial chemical smell and this one had it too, but not very strong.

Now that we've been using it for a few days, it's great and we are very happy with our decision. We also got a couple of the NovaForm molded pillows; I like mine very much but Julie decided to return hers. They're designed to be used flat, not stacked with another pillow and she likes stacked.

We paid less than half of what the cheapest Tempur-Pedic costs. We were told by the salesman that Tempur-Pedic also recommends using a new foundation/base and not using the box spring from the old mattress. Why? Because everything should be new, we were told. They also sell pillows for $99 and pillow cases, $29 or $39 a pair.

Compare that to what we got from Costco - the NovaForm pillows for $19.59 each, and we're using our old box spring because Sleep Innovations says that's fine to do. Also, our pillowcases cost nowhere near $29. Costco offers their usual unconditional guarantee of satisfaction. Tempur-pedic offers a trial period during which you can return the mattress but charges you a restocking fee plus you have to pay for the return pickup/freight.

The choice seemed a no-brainer to me. I'm sure Tempur-pedic makes excellent products and they have the reviews to prove it but is it 2x or more better than the alternative I got from Costco? I doubt it. And most definitely pumping up the profit margins by selling expensive accessories like pillows, pillow cases and foundations just makes it even more of a no-brainer to choose Costco.


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