Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This past weekend Julie and I went to a birthday dinner party for one of her friends. The celebration was nice but I want to focus on the food. It was at the North Woods Inn in San Gabriel.

Guests were presented with three menu choices - a combination of steak, scallops and chicken; a seafood platter with shrimp, scallops and fish; or a steak platter. The seafood platter was deep fried and I didn't see anyone order that one.

The portions were immense! First came big bowls of two different salads from which everyone helped themselves. One was shredded purple cabbage with a tangy, sweet/sour dressing and the other was iceberg lettuce drowned in a bleu cheese dressing. These were accompanied by cheese toast that was nice and warm, and dripping with butter and cheese. I figure one slice of toast was like one slice of cheesecake in terms of calories.

The entrees came on king-sized platters - a giant baked potato, the meat, and rice pilaf. You could get french fries instead of the baked potato but I thought the latter would be healthier.

I am not sure how many calories in total this meal was, but I am guessing somewhere well over 3,000. Everything was drowning in butter, oil, cheese or dressing, and there was plenty of salt as well. Now, it all tasted pretty good but that's because of all those excess ingredients.

It probably would have been healthier to get french fries because the baked potato was liberally doused with butter, so much so that I spooned a large quantity off and into another plate. It was like a swimming pool. The other topping options were mushroom gravy (didn't see anyone order that) or cheese butter. Lots of people ordered that one and it was like a castle of cheese sitting on top of the potato.

It was all so excessive. Can you imagine some people eat like that all the time? No wonder this country suffers from so many health problems.

I'm sure you've all seen those pictures of WalMart shoppers that get passed around the internet. Well folks, if you think people like the ones in those photos are confined only to WalMart you better think again. They are all over the place. Wherever you go, just take a look around you and see for yourself how out of shape our society is.

This is indeed the land where our motto is "supersize me."

Just thought I'd share my observations with you..

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