Friday, April 29, 2011


Those of you, if any, who have followed this blog for a long time may recall my disgust at the woowoo dog next door. This dog that had an annoying, wheezing bark and just wouldn't shut up. Thankfully it seemed to be just a visitor because I only heard it once in a while on weekends.

The regular dog next door was loud enough but at least it didn't have such an annoying, wheezing bark like it had swallowed an accordion.

Well for the past few weeks I noticed that it was nice and peaceful. No barking whatsoever. Actually, it seemed too quiet. I started wondering what happened to the dog and, even was hoping that nothing bad happened to it.

What the heck was I thinking???

The noise is back. Today I heard this woowoowoowoo accordion bark. Argh. And the other dog is there, too. And they have been barking like crazy.

Here's another dog video for you.. this one is pretty funny (you may have seen it already; it's had over 8 million views on the YouTube site):

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