Saturday, April 23, 2011


Back in the mid-90's I wrote a lot of stuff using Ami-Pro, which was the word processing software made by Lotus. At that time I was anti-Microsoft, before they pushed everyone else out of the way.

Tonight I was reading some of my entries and I just decided to reprint one of them here; I always find it interesting to read about what I was thinking many moons ago. At least I saved it for posterity, even if it has meaning only to me.


Getting out into the night is still one of my favorite pastimes. Sometimes there is simply no substitute for climbing into the car and going for a drive on a wonderful night, when the windshield is clear, the lights are sparkling, and I breathe in the air which is definitely different from the air present during the daytime. I wish I had a typewriter... or maybe a dictaphone. The feelings inside of me, the thoughts and things I say, they escape once I am back home and inside.

I debated about going for a drive tonight; that is until I stepped outside and breathed in the night air which was not at all like the air inside of this apartment. It spoke to me and told me it was a perfect night to get out and about, that to stay home was to remain sterile. I need to take it all in. Coolness has settled upon the city. Features highlighted during the day are in the background at night, and the electric and neon signs which look so drab in the daytime come alive when they have the black for a background. What can I say? I just love it. Everything is so in focus.

I listened to the Assorted "A" tape tonight; this was the first formal assorted tape I made, back sometime in the early 1980's (1981, I think). Some of the songs I hadn't heard in a while and it was good to hear them again. Keep on Truckin' was one of them. I love the beginning guitar chords; they have an effect on me in the same way as the beginning chords of Moondance. Danny Kortchmar's guitar also reminds me of the nighttime.
"Get off your summer chair,
into the August air, take me there
don't think about the heat
it's time to get on the street
time to fly away from your lonely day
keep on truckin'..."
The song never mentions any particular time of day, but to me it the time has always been at night. I thought back on the days in 1971 when this was our phrase, when so many clicks were placed on the odometer and cheap gasoline guzzled by the dinosaurs we used to drive. I loved it. As I reflected, I also had the urge to come home and write some sort of story which would incorporate the feeling or mood of this time. I find, however, that my mind seems to be much more fertile when I am in motion than when I get home and place myself before the keyboard,

The broad point of all this is that I still love cruising; I still appreciate all those lights out there and the feeling that comes only during the nighttime, the feeling that makes me reluctant to stop. Somewhere there has to be a story in all of this, something I can write which can convey this to others. It is something that one has to experience, however, and this story would actually be one in which the reader would nod his or her head in recognition. Are there others out there who feel the same way? Who revel in the night?

That's what I was thinking, nearly 17 years ago.

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