Saturday, April 30, 2011

not the sharpest pencil

The other night someone called us, very distraught - near panic if not already there. They had a huge problem with their renewed drivers license that they had just received in the mail that day.

DP (for Distraught Person): I think they made a mistake on my drivers license.

US (for Us): What do you mean?

DP: They got my first and last name mixed up. My last name is first and my first name is last on the new license.

US: Well maybe that is how it is supposed to be?

DP: My old license has my first name first and my last name last like it is supposed to be. Now they got my name all mixed up. What happens if I get stopped or I need to show my license and my name is backward? Am I going to get in trouble??

US: I don't think that is a big deal. They'll know it's you.

DP: I'm really worried about this. What if I get in trouble?

US: Then why don't you go to the DMV and take care of it?

DP: I don't have time to go there! I have to work!! Do you think it is a mistake they made?

US: What does it say on the license?

DP: (reads her name) -What does "LN" mean? There's a "LN" and a "SN" next to my name.

US: "SN?" You mean "S" like in Sam?

DP: "S!" -- "S!"

US: You mean like in "Sam?"

DP: No, "S!"

US: Do you mean "F" or "S?" "F" like in Frank?

DP: Yes, "F" like Frank! (all this time it sounded like she was saying "S")

US: Well then "FN" must mean first name and "LN" must stand for last name, don't you think?

DP: First name and last name??

US: Well the "LN" is next to your last name and the "FN" is next to your first name so that must be what it means. They must be putting your last name first on the new licenses.

DP: I'm still worried. What if it is wrong? What if I get in trouble?

US: Then why don't you go to the DMV?

DP: I don't have time!

US: That must mean last name and first name. Stop worrying about it.

(and so on and so forth)..

Name withheld for obvious reasons..


donna said...

LMAO... I bet I can guess who that is!

Rickie Miyake said...

Three guesses and the first two don't count, haha.. and I'm not making any of it up, either!

donna said...

Unbelievable but believable since I know who it is!