Friday, April 15, 2011


I think you can tell a lot about a company by looking inside of its refrigerator in the lunchroom.

All of you who go on a job interview and are given a tour of the office and its facilities - make sure you check out the lunchroom and the inside of the fridge (and the bathroom while you are at it). That's where you're going to find the real scoop on things.

Now, if they don't have a fridge in the lunchroom then you ought to ask them why. That might bring forth some valuable information that otherwise may have escaped you - like the "interesting story behind why we don't have a company fridge anymore."

Sometimes companies who are thinking of doing business with another company will take a tour of that other company's offices to get some idea of what their potential partner is like. That's another instance in which they should make a beeline for the lunchroom and check out the fridge because most likely they won't have thought about getting it cleaned up for the tour. They would have told all the employees to clean up the mess on their desks and straighten up the office in general but no one would think to say clean up the fridge.

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