Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I'm very irritated because every time I go to Google or G-Mail (and even to make this Blogger post), the page opens with language in French!!! This started happening about a week or two ago and I can't figure out what is causing it. It's extremely annoying; I've set the page/language preferences, deleted cookies and cleared the browser cache but nothing seems to work.

I've resorted to bookmarking Google's English page, and have to go click through that each time, instead of typing it into the address bar. Very, very annoying.

That reminded me of my impractical decision to take French instead of Spanish as my language in junior high and high school. Impractical because what little I've retained has been of practically no use to me throughout my life; aside from a few basic words, the only other time I've really put French to use was when learning about or discussing wine.

Why choose French? Because I was tired of all that "hola Paco, que tal?" that we had in elementary school and I had the notion that Spanish was too "common" to learn and French was more elegant.

Mrs. Myerly was my French teacher in the 9th grade. What I remember most was a class lunch outing at Les Freres Taix on Sunset Boulevard. She was a nice lady. Oh, the other thing I remember is being asked the color of my eyes. I answered, "noir." Mrs. Myerly looked at me in a pensive manner and then made some comment to the effect of how black eyes were very unusual, in a good way. Actually the reason I said "noir" was because I didn't know how to say "brown" in French.

Miss Clementi (this was before "Ms." was used) was my 10th grade French teacher and I learned pretty much nothing from her. It wasn't her fault; it was my own laziness. She was the instant immersion type - spoke mainly in French and expected the class to pick up on contextual cues to understand what she was saying. Like I said, I was too lazy and rebellious so I really didn't know what was going on in there and have no idea how I managed to slide by and pass that class.

Perhaps if I had paid more attention I would be able to fix these Google pages. Maybe that's the karma or bachi coming back to me for my lack of attention..

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