Friday, April 22, 2011

another mundane thursday

If you google the term "mundane thursday" you will find that this very blog comes up first in the results! Whoo hoo!

I noticed that there have been several visitors who used that search term and found their way to this site. I am sure they are disappointed, since my post was just about what was happening on a particular Thursday way back in 2008 and how it was a pretty mundane day and that would have nothing to do whatsoever with what they were searching for in the first place.

So just what is "mundane thursday" and why are people doing a search on this term?

You got me.. it seems that there are enough folks out there searching on this term to indicate it actually has some meaning (I wonder if they same holds true of mundane monday or tuesday or whatever?

What I thought was funny was how this site rose to the top of the ranking/results page in google because the more people that click to come here, the more google thinks that I am the supreme authority on the subject and thus it keeps raising me higher in the rankings and results. I've done what it takes other people and company tons of money to do with their SEO models and consultants and charts and graphs - and I did it for free!

Of course, the results when you click through the link are meaningless but then so are a lot of other pages in the cyberwasteland. At least this one is written by a real person and not some automaton trying to drive traffic to the page.

I noticed this same thing happening a while ago and, thinking maybe this was some sort of trend, I registered the domain name. But then the traffic tailed off and I really could not find anything that indicated "mundane thursday" was a popular phrase so I deactivated the name. It seems that the name is still registered with my registrar, however, as it shows not available.

I still don't know why people would be searching on that term, but for whatever reason, they are. Now that I've used the term several times in this post, maybe it will strengthen my spot at the top of the ranking/results?

Maybe the Lakers need something like this to strengthen their spot at the top so they can do a three-peat.. let's not have any mundane playoff games from them!

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