Sunday, April 10, 2011

ain't done nothin'

Normally I don't talk politics here, although I've been known to do so in the past. We all know how politics polarizes and brings out the worst in people (especially the politicians) but at the risk of irritating people, I figure hardly anyone reads this blog anyway so I'll write my mind.

Just what exactly has Obama accomplished since he has been in office, anyway? He painted a utopian picture of change that helped sweep him into office over his more stodgy opponent, but it seems so far it has been a perfect case of all talk and no action, all bark and no bite.

What he has accomplished is to artificially sustain a bunch of loser companies by flushing billions of dollars of bailout money their way.

Make no mistake about it, he talks a good game - he has mastered the art like few people have. The thing is, there's just no substance with him.

You know what makes me mad - people hurled all sorts of insults at George W, really insulting and degrading things, but has Obama done better? In my opinion no, he has not. Obama is a master at putting the spin on things, like Obi-Wan pointing his finger at America and hypnotizing them because, lets face it, for the most part we are becoming a mindless nation whose weak minds are influenced by the Force.

Below is another master at putting spin on things, and his buddy. I liken them to the current president and vice president (both appearance and character) and I dare say the similarities are remarkably and disturbingly uncanny:

When Stevie Wonder penned the song below, he was referring to a different president in earlier days but if you ask me, this song is just as relevant to the current chief. It's just that for whatever reasons, people are afraid to say it.

What prompted me to say all these things? Watching the news. Just take a look at what is going on these days and then you'll come to the same conclusion.

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