Thursday, March 10, 2011

packed in like sardines

I was watching the news the other night when they showed a Redondo Beach Harbor that had been inundated with dead fish. They were floating on the water and were packed in so tightly that some boats couldn't even move. The pictures shown made it look like a silver carpet - thousands, if not millions of dead fish.

So what happened? Last I heard, the theory was that the previous night's winds were so rough on the water that the sardines got confused. As they were swimming, whoever was leading the pack (or school) took a wrong turn at the breakwater, leading all the fish into the enclosed area. The area was too small and the resulting congestion caused a lack of oxygen and they suffocated.

Yes, I know this is something tragic but I couldn't help but laugh at the images on the screen. Fish look pretty stupid anyway, with those eyes on the side of their heads staring blankly at whatever they are staring at, and to see them floating on top of the water on their side just made it look even more humorous (to me, anyway).

All this because the head fish took a wrong turn at Albuquerque, er, at the breakwater and then everyone followed. I guess part of why I was laughing was because people really aren't too much different from those fish.

And, the fish were sardines so it seemed kind of fitting that they were all jammed together like.. well, like sardines. Maybe they were rehearsing?

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