Friday, March 18, 2011

goin' down

Back when the episodes were new, first run, The Monkees was one of my favorite shows on the tube; I'd look forward to watching them every week. On the show they lived together in the same house, which is what I thought all groups did when I was younger - like I was quite surprised to find out each of the Beatles lived in his own place.

Watching the show now, I find it pretty corny and actually aside from the music portions it no longer holds my attention.

The other day I ran across a recent CD by Micky Dolenz while browsing through Amazon - King For A Day. I listened to the 30-second track samples and liked what I heard so I ran through them again. Then opened up the Rhapsody music service to see if it was available there, which it was, so I listened to the entire tracks. Then I ended up buying the CD because I thought it was that good.

At the same time I purchased Monkee Business, a biography of the group. I just enjoy reading about stuff from that era. Both items just arrived today so I haven't had a chance to do anything yet but I'm glad I bought them both.

In my younger days we'd discuss who was our favorite Monkee - sort of like how we'd vote on who was better looking - That Girl or the Flying Nun. I think the girls all went for Davy, which none of the guys would ever be caught dead declaring as his favorite; I think Peter and Mike got most of the votes among us guys. Peter, because he just seemed like a nice guy, and Mike because he seemed the most musically talented and he had that look he did with his eyes at the camera. Mickey didn't seem to get mentioned as much. He had a lot of talent, though.

Well, one of my most frequently played 45's in junior high was the flip side of Daydream Believer, a song called Goin' Down which featured Mickey by himself, no vocals from any of the other band members. It was addicting - I'd stand there trying to sing along with it, even though some of the lyrics I couldn't decipher on my cheap record player. I still enjoy listening to it.

The Monkees and those days bring back a lot of good memories. I'm looking forward to reading the book. Meanwhile, here's a video of Goin' Down:

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