Sunday, March 13, 2011


I got a new cell phone today. I had a Blackberry through work but am turning it in because it costs about $100 a month and I average less than 5 minutes a month. Some months I don't even use it. I hate using cell phones. I actually don't like phones at all - I don't like calling people and I don't like getting phone calls and I don't like talking on the phone. I much prefer e-mail.

I decided to get the phone from Costco. Actually it is a kiosk within Costco and is not strictly a phone from them but I feel more comfortable dealing with someone who has an affiliation, rather than these cell phone companies that advertise on a paper placemat at a Chinese restaurant.

All I wanted was the cheapest, most basic plan and that is what I ended up with. The phone was free as part of a 2-year contract and it came with all the accessories I needed so I thought that was a good deal.

I asked the guy how often the average person gets a new phone and he told me that they do a booming business - people can't wait to get new phones, even before their contract is up. I think that's crazy. What is the fascination with phones?? Well, I know it isn't really the phone but more the texting, net and social networking aspects of it but it seems like society in general spends way too much time with their head down clicking on a keyboard.

I could never get used to using that little keypad on the Blackberry. Using that is like trying to eat individual kernels of a miniature corn cob.

This new phone is much better suited for me. It is compact (the Blackberry is just too large to carry around comfortably) and easy to use. It flips open so you don't accidentally turn on the phone by pressing the keys when putting the phone in your pocket. It's just baby-bear right for me.

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