Saturday, February 19, 2011


Today's Los Angeles Times featured an article about recently-elected Montebello city councilperson Christina Cortez and how she has been a driving force in pressing for explanations about questionable financial dealings in that city.

The Times said since elected, Ms. Cortez has been raising a "ruckus" about the finances and will not leave the matter alone.

I love it! And I love the way the Times described it. I think we are all sick and tired of the financial scandals we are all hearing about and the thing is, we are a lot closer than you may think to a real-life Egypt in this country.

I googled Ms. Cortez to find contact information for her so I could write to thank her for her efforts and encourage her to continue but.. I couldn't find anything. The official web site for the City of Montebello shows her picture but does not give contact information. Did they do that on purpose????

The major portion of the article dealt with a couple of "off the books" bank accounts that were recently discovered. At this time it is not clear if this is illegal, and the former City Manager, when reached for comment, said that there is probably a "simple" explanation for this.

I ask you.. how can there be off the books bank accounts? Accounting is a system of checks and balances; that is why there are debits and credits. Everything must balance so that there is accountability (which is probably why they call it accounting). To have something that is "off the books" is to me definitely not on the up-and-up. Something smells.

Anyway, since I am unable to send her an e-mail, I would just like to give my regards and thanks to Ms. Cortez and encourage her to continue raising a ruckus.

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