Saturday, January 1, 2011

starting off the new year right

The way to begin the New Year properly is to do the proper prep work. And that I did. On Friday morning (New Year's Eve) I went to Costco.

They're closed on New Year's day, since they tend to treat their employees better than do most stores.

Costco opened at 9:00 on Friday morning, an hour earlier than usual. It wasn't very crowded, about the same as when I go when they first open on Saturday mornings - in other words, it was still pleasant.

Unlike most times when I go when they first open, there were plenty of food sampling stands already set up, and most of the items were ready so I got quite a few samples. The best one was a slice of El Pollo Loco quesadilla - that was yummy. I thought about getting a box until I looked at the nutritional content label.

One serving had 270 calories. All right, that's not that much, but these sneaky people labeled a "serving" as 1/2 of a quesadilla! And if I'm not mistaken, one quesadilla was only 7.5 ounces, so I don't see how people could be satisfied with a main course that was only 3.75 ounces. You'd have to eat the whole thing, which would mean 540 calories.

I thought about this after I left the store and maybe that really isn't so bad since it contains everything you need except veggies. It had the starch (a flour tortilla) plus plenty of chicken and cheese and whatever else they used. It's probably a lot less than the calorie content of whatever you eat if you go eat out, too.

So maybe I will buy a box next week because it did taste very good.

I ended up buying a bunch of convenience foods - like tequila lime wings, paella, and some soups. Vegetable barley, in an effort to be healthy, and hot and sour soup, to be experimental.

My friend Sandy said she tried the hot and sour soup and it was pretty good except the liquid wasn't clear like what you get at a Chinese restaurant; instead it looked more like miso. I figured this was hot and sour soup made by white folks (Harry and David), so what could you expect?

On the other hand, how much of the food you eat at an ethnic restaurant is really made by ethnic people? Well, it is probably made by ethnic people, just not with ethnicities that match the food they are cooking.

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