Saturday, January 15, 2011

cell phones

One of the things our new governor, Jerry Brown, is doing to reduce expenses is to take back about half of the cell phones that have been issued to state employees.

Already some have made disparaging remarks about this move, saying it saves "only" about $20 million, little more than a small dent in our huge deficit of billions.

Well, every little bit helps and it has to start somewhere. Most likely 95% or more of state employees with cell phones furnished by the state do not need them and are wasting our tax dollars. It has nothing to do with the cost but everything to do with how this is just symptomatic of a bunch of other things that we are paying for that are unnecessary. It's the tip of the iceberg.

Actually, this is a pretty smart move by Brown. You know what is going to happen - all these worthless people who are having their cell phones repossessed are going to be spiteful because that means some other worthless employee now has more than they do.

So that means they will point that out: "Why did you take away my phone when so-and-so still has this-and-that, which they don't need???"

Which will then point out what should be the next thing to go - from the other person. Then the newly disenfranchised will look around to see who now has more than they do, and rat them out, and so on, and so forth until no one has anything. Haha, it is human nature.

And that is the way to make the $20 million reduction grow exponentially.

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