Monday, January 17, 2011

and boy are my arms tired..

My back went out on me on Christmas day. Why? I am not quite sure. The only reason I can think of is from standing for a long time the night before at our church's Christmas Eve Cantata. This has happened to me before, the first time when the kids were little and I guess I picked them up too much without giving consideration to standing properly so as not to strain my back.

While these occasional back problems are nothing new, this is the first time they've lasted so long - as I type this, my back is better but it is still tender.

Since the weather really warmed up, I went for a walk on Saturday. It's been a while since I've done any outdoor exercise - November 13, to be exact. A combination of weather plus not having enough time made me change my routine to working out indoors on the elliptical machine instead of going running.

I walked about 2.5 miles. On Sunday it was nice again so I did the same thing, same route, except I ran part of the time. I figured going for a walk would help my back, which it did. You might not think running would be helpful but in the past I've found that it did indeed help.

Let me tell you something, using an elliptical machine is no substitute for running! It was obvious to my lungs and legs that I hadn't run for a while. It would have been worse had I not exercised at all since November, but still, doing time on the elliptical doesn't translate into doing time on the street/sidewalk.

My back does feel better, though, and I am glad I did some outdoor exercise. No matter how bad the muscle aches may be from exercising (and it really isn't very bad at all.. just a bit of stiffness), it is always a pleasant kind of ache.

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