Tuesday, December 14, 2010


On the news today they announced Obama had signed some bill or measure that mandated healthier school lunches.

They showed kids standing in line at a high school in the Los Angeles Unified School District, waiting to make their choices from today's menu items that included pizza, tacos and french fries. In other words, there was nothing particularly healthy on the menu.

A spokesperson for the district said that it will be exceedingly difficult for them to meet the mandated reductions in the number of calories and sodium content, and to provide the quantity of fresh food that the measure calls for. Currently, the average lunch contains 1,200 calories and the target is to reduce this to no more than 700. 1,200 calories??? That's a lot! Much has been made about the unhealthy entrees served at the major chain restaurants, but this is just as bad, plus I bet the food tastes a lot worse in the schools so you don't even get something that tastes good as a weak consolation for pummeling your health.

I remember several years ago, this is the same school district that was criticized for considering individual packets of ketchup and relish to each be a serving of a vegetable in order to meet the nutritional requirements back then.

According to the reporter, while the kids might not like the change in the menu, they do understand it is healthier and for their own good. One girl remarked that in the long run everyone will live longer because of this.

Now I know there are probably some folks in Congress, many of them I bet, who see this measure as taking things in the wrong direction. Practically speaking, this does nothing to help the crisis with social security. The last thing you want is people living longer because that just adds to the number of people collecting social security which just means it is going to run out all that much quicker.

Once they figure that out, I can see a reversal of the current bill, and instead mandating that all schools outsource their lunch program to Carl's Jr.