Friday, November 26, 2010

weird stuff

I was looking at a Bed, Bath and Beyond ad the other day and saw some things I just had to comment on, even though this is off the wall.

They were selling a product called the Mangroomer, which is sort of like a backscratcher except its purpose is to cut the hair on your back. I found this pretty funny. Are there really people out there who have that much hair on their back? And is it limited to just men? Well I guess that could be. There are people out there who are really hairy - like the older men who have eyebrows like palm fronds.

Another product they have is something called a Vinturi. It's a wine aerator. It is a glass contraption through which you pour a young red wine and it mixes the wine with air in order to soften it up a bit. I have one of those things. A few years ago I wrote a review of it for my dormant wine blog and commented that I compared wine poured through the device versus wine not poured through the device and couldn't detect a difference. A couple of days later someone with a weird name posted a very rude and insulting comment about my tasting abilities. I had no idea who this was and wondered if they were joking and using a fake name when someone else pointed out to me that this guy was the inventor of the Vinturi. Oh.. Well I guess there is something to be said for folks who ferociously defend their products.

Then there was another product for teaching your baby - yes, baby - how to both simultaneously learn how to talk and read. The description said was for babies from 5 months to 3 years. Now why the heck should babies be reading when they are only 3 years old??? The only real reason is so that their idiot parents can go bragging to everyone about how their three-year-old knows how to read. Poor kid.

I wonder if anyone lined up early this morning to buy any of these things..

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