Thursday, November 4, 2010

to the point

While I'm on a political roll this week I might as well continue.. even though the elections are over.

I was reading through the California voter information guide and ran across the campaign statement from Nancy Lawrence, the Peace and Freedom party candidate for the Board of Equalization 3rd District. Here is what she said:

Tax the Rich!

Now at first I was thinking, what an idiot this is. Gee no wonder, it is from someone running on the Peace and Freedom ticket. But then I thought about it and actually, while I totally disagree with her, I have to say I admire what she did. The only real fault I can find is that she did not observe proper rules of grammar since she capitalized the word "rich."

But for substance, kudos go to her. In three words she expressed succinctly her entire ideology. It was brief, simple, easy enough for any moron to understand, and, compared to the tons of meaningless jibberish filling up the rest of the document, it was a breath of fresh air. If you agreed with her, fine. If not, fine, too. The point is, there was no mistaking where she stood. This was so unlike every other vacillating candidate who talks and talks and afterwards you still have no real idea about their true beliefs.

In just three simple, one-syllable words, Ms. Lawrence summed up the entire Obama philosophy, something that has taken him millions of words and hand gestures to say, and said it much clearer than he could ever have done.

If he's looking for a speech writer, I have a recommendation.

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