Tuesday, November 2, 2010

glad it is over?

No matter how you voted, aren't you glad we are done with the sleazy election process? After dealing with the misleading television attack ads, candidates lying left and right and all these propositions that you can't tell heads from tails, and on top of that all the annoying phone calls from these idiot politicians who actually think we want to hear from them, won't it be nice to get rid of all that mess??

There are a couple of television ads I find particularly irritating that I wanted to mention here since it is election day..

First is the one trick pony ad from Barbara Boxer who has nothing of any substance to say and continues to simply repeat over and over how Carly Fiorina fired 30,000 HP employees, sent 9,300 jobs oversees and took $45 million for her own self during her tenure as CEO.

First of all, as long as that dumb, obnoxious Boxer has festered in office, doesn't she have any accomplishments she can point to as a reason for us to keep her leeching off our tax dollars? I guess not. California continues to slide downhill even without any earthquakes.

Secondly, let's do some math. Let's assume, not unreasonably so, that the average pay of these 30,000 HP employees who were let go was $75,000 a year. Letting them go resulted in a savings of $2,250,000,000. That's $2.25 BILLION dollars, not millions. On top of that they saved all the payroll taxes, employee benefits, etc. associated with those jobs.

Okay, let's say maybe they didn't earn that much on average but instead were closer to $50,000. That is still a savings of $1.5 BILLION. Per year. Not including the payroll taxes, benefits, etc.

So Carly Fiorina took $45 million for herself. That is 2% of $2.25 BILLION that she saved the company. Or 3% if you use the lower $1.5 BILLION figure.

In other words, that is a pretty large net savings for HP. She did move 9,300 jobs overseas. Let's say that these 9,300 are paid an average of $10,000 per year, not an unreasonable estimate. Their payroll taxes and benefits would be far less than in this country. So that is an expense of $93 million.

Subtract $93 million in substituted overseas payroll from the lower, more conservative figure of $1.5 BILLION of the jobs over here and that still leaves you with a savings of $1.407 BILLION.

You may say that's not the point; the point is that jobs in this country were lost. What I say is get real, this is a global economy and unfortunately the way our government operates, companies simply cannot afford to keep their businesses 100% American anymore. If politicians like Boxer would get a clue about how to strengthen our economy instead of running it into the ground, well maybe companies wouldn't have to send jobs overseas.

Meanwhile, what sort of productivity or cost savings does Barbara Boxer have to show for her miserable tenure in office? Nothing. Deficits, not profits are her legacy.

Okay, the second irritating television ad is the one that shows Bill Lockyear standing up in front of his cronies as he chides both democrats and republicans, trying to make himself look like he is an independent who will be tough and not show favoritism.

Give me a break. This was filmed back in October 2009. I suspect he was already planning on running for office back then so he scripted this wonderful little speech of his and made sure the camera had just the right angle as he delivered a message that no one was paying any attention to in the first place. He might as well have confessed he was a transsexual and no one would have noticed because the rest of his political cronies were probably sleeping or sending text messages. It doesn't matter, he got his valuable piece of film making him look like the hero.

All I can say is don't fall for all this political sleaze. It's all sleaze. It makes you want to be like Howard Beale and stand at the window screaming how you are mad as hell and don't want to take it anymore. Then throw a television through the window while you're at it.

You're probably saying, good grief, calm down! Well, I do admit all this dirt gets me worked up and I do try and limit my political comments on this blog but seeing as how it is election day I thought I'd just fire off some shots.

And no, I am not running for office so this is not some sort of message with a hidden agenda.

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