Saturday, November 27, 2010

black friday again

So how'd you all do with Thanksgiving? I hope everything went well for you! I can't complain - it turned out very nicely. I was three pounds heavier this morning than 24 hours previously.. argh.

And how'd you all do with the Black Friday sales? Did you get sucked into them? Not me.. I did go to Costco, however, and arrived at 9:00 when they were just opening. Unlike just a few years ago when they didn't have any Black Friday offerings and no one knew they opened an hour earlier on that Friday and I was like the first car in the parking lot and walked into an empty store, this time there was a fairly large crowd but still plenty of space in the lot.

It turned out that most of them congregated in the electronic section looking for bargains. The rest of the store wasn't crowded at all. I didn't bother looking at any of the electronics but I did see a bunch of carts stuffed with Vizio LCD flat panel televisions of varying sizes.

That was my only venture into a store today. The only Black Friday deal I bought was online, spending a whopping $10 on the Karate Kid remake in blu ray, from Amazon.

And there goes another Thanksgiving, and another Black Friday. Even though we're only halfway through the 4-day weekend, already I am dreading going back to work. It's started me to once again try and figure out how the heck to retire soon!

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