Tuesday, October 26, 2010

'tis the season

I heard on the news today that merchants are quite excited about this Halloween season because business seems to be booming - a lot higher than last year, which itself was higher than the year before.

The estimate was that people will spend a total of $5.8 billion just on Halloween merchandise this year, which, said the newscaster, works out to about $66 per person.

That really surprised me. I am not spending a dime on Halloween. Not even on candy. We are Halloween grinches - go to dinner then sneak back and keep the porch and front room lights off. But even if we were to give out candy and even buy a costume, $66????

Maybe that takes into account the cost of booze and parties, too. That would explain it. I've found that many, maybe even most people just look for some excuse to party and drink, so one "holiday" is just as good as another to them, I suppose.

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