Sunday, October 24, 2010

time marches on

I hear this from many people and I feel the same way myself - as we get older, it seems that the year seems to just fly by; the days go by faster and faster. Whereas when we were kids it seemed like Christmas took forever to arrive and summer vacations lasted a pleasingly long time (for some even to the point where they looked forward to going back to school, although that was never the case for me), the older we get the more we find ourselves remarking on how it is [insert month or holiday] already!

I was thinking the other day, maybe that's because time really is moving faster now than it was when we were young.

Yes, a day is still a rotation of the earth and a year is a revolution around the sun, but what if that rotation happens faster now than it did in our youth, and that revolution moves faster as well? So what was 24 hours back now only takes 23 hours. That's just one hour per day, much too small for us to really notice the difference, but that adds up to 365 hours per year. That's about 15 days.

So maybe that's why the year seems to go by quicker - because it really does.

Then you may say hold on, stupid, then my watch would seem to run slow, wouldn't it? Because my watch keeps absolute time and it tells me when 24 hours have gone by.

Well all I can say is maybe the calibration standard is different these days or there is a conspiracy among watch makers.

Or.. didn't Einstein say time is relative? How do we really measure how much time has gone by, anyway? By reference to something else, is how. So whose to say that the reference hasn't sped up over the years and thus time really is moving at a faster clip than previously?

Perhaps the theory of relativity acts upon all time-keeping devices and there is no such thing as "absolute" time.

Maybe it is or maybe it isn't but I suppose if the Obama administration were to read this post, the president would probably put it on his agenda to put forth a bill to legislate and control time. Perhaps even find a way to bail us out for all the time we've lost over the years..

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