Tuesday, October 19, 2010

election time

Well here we are all close to election time.. I try and avoid politics here but of course I just can't help myself today so I have to get in my digs.

Reading through all the propositions on the ballot (especially if you are in California) can become quite the confusing and time-consuming process. Looking at the ads on television is no help because they put such a spin on everything that you can't believe anything they say.

So what is a person to do?

I have developed the fast way to evaluate any proposition and any candidate.

Simply see which candidate or which proposition is supported by the teachers unions and nurses unions, and then vote the opposite. Chances are 99% of the time you will be doing the right thing by tossing greed and self-interest to the wayside.

Do I feel education and health are not important? No, not at all. These two things are very important, but when it comes to unions and politics, education and health are merely things to exploit in order to get votes.

I approve of this message. : )

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