Thursday, September 30, 2010

that's MISTER to you.. haha.. or SENATOR

The other day we were watching the tube when a campaign ad for Carly Fiorina came on that showed someone in the military being interviewed by Barbara Boxer, with her telling him to stop calling her "ma'am" and address her as "Senator."

Julie said, what's the point of this ad and I said the point is that people who insist on titles are either pompous jerks or are insecure or both. Personally, I don't think Ms., er, Senator Boxer is insecure.

I remember ages ago when I worked in the UCLA student store, a customer came in who paid with a check. Because he had "PhD" after his name, he angrily insisted on being called "Dr." - it was a PhD in psychology. After he left we were all standing around venting about what a jerk this guy was.

Now I'm not denigrating anyone or the title or whatever, because earning a PhD in any subject requires a lot of work and is an achievement, but come on - what is the big deal? Is a title that important to you?

Well, I think making a big fuss about titles is silly but that's my opinion. When it comes to Senator Boxer, I am just hoping that after November the issue about to properly address her will be moot.


donna said...

I agree. Yesterday, I happened to be in the office when one of the college "volunteers" was conversing with our office manager. She told him she was sorry they didn't have badges that identified them as being volunteers that they could wear everyday instead of signing in. He angrily told her he was not a volunteer, but a teacher. I asked her how much he was getting paid and she said,"nothing, he's a volunteer." LOL Doesn't matter where you fall in the hierarchy, jerks are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I remember being corrected by an instructor in college. I called him Dr. Feldmeth and he said to call him Professor Feldmeth. We have an assistant DA at our church while giving a sermon said that he was a professor because he taught one class at night at the local community college. I had the head of the OC Optimist Club call him self a 35 year veteran of the Sheriffs and a professor because he taught an administration of justice class once. I called him on it and told him he had just committed a crime. I said that being an Optimist was one thing but being a criminal was another. I have been sending emails back and forth with some guy from La Mirada that is running against our local congressman. He said he was a professor but the catalog from CSU Long Beach lists him as an adjunct in horticulture. I can't wait to see what he calls himself on the official ballot. I found out that a professor is someone with white hair that has been at a college for a very long time and spends too much time at the college because his kids are grown and out of the house.

Rickie Miyake said...

Well it's just kind of sad that for some people their entire life is wrapped up in a few letters that precede their name.

Betty U. said...

PhD = Piled High and Deeper

Remember the old movies when the beautiful stranger would allow a handsome man to light her cigarette, and then she would then ask:

Bring back civility and let's all address each other by Mr., Mrs. or Miss! Just 4 years ago I had the opportunity to work at Los Angeles Southwest College - I was a little shocked that the library staff introduced themselves as Mr. Smith or Miss Jones. This is in one of the poorest and least educated communities.