Monday, September 6, 2010


Way back when, in my 11th grade annual, this is what Grace Baba wrote:


Hope to see you in the summer. Best of luck to a real nice, crazy, good looking guy. Hope you stay that way. Make the most of the summer cuz it'll never come again.

Well I did stay crazy, I guess.

Now what she wrote was a pretty "stock" thing, most likely repeated throughout the annuals of the other guys in our class. I didn't know her that well but I've always had good thoughts about her over the years.

The only real thing I remember was once when Rick and I were walking down the street she drove past. She saw us so she stopped the car by shifting it into park instead of using the brake pedal. The car made a strange noise and did indeed stop.

Anyway, that's not why I wrote what she wrote in my annual. I just happened to come across that the other day when I was thumbing through it and the part about make the most of the summer cuz it will never come again hit me.

That was written before the summer between junior and senior year, one that I've always looked back on as one of my favorites. It seemed to last a long time, too - not the usual seeming to last long because it was torturous and how long is this going to last, but because it seemed like my buddies and I did so much during those three months. Indeed, it was a great summer and many of the things that happened I looked back upon fondly over the years. And they never came again.

Summer isn't officially over even though Labor Day sort of informally marks the end of summer. These days so many schools go back in session right before or right after that day, too, whereas back then I seem to remember we always had a couple of weeks into September before going back to the schoolyard jail.

The thing is, you really do have to enjoy things while they are here. To steal and paraphrase from a Joni Mitchell song, your paradise is eventually going to get paved.. so enjoy and appreciate it while you can.

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Anonymous said...

My wife lunched a transmission or two by shifting from forward to reverse and back again with the car in motion. My little girl has put the hurt on her car's transmission by shifting to reverse while the car was still in its start sequence and the RPM was about 2800. She torqued the transmission in my car the same way and I just replaced the transmission two weeks ago. Oh well.