Sunday, September 5, 2010

still disgruntled

We've been officially using our new enterprise software for two weeks which I guess for some in our office, or perhaps many, has been two long, agonizing weeks. I think I am still the only person who likes it. Do I just not see what the others see? No, I think it is more that they do not see what I see.

We've had three phone systems since I've been there. Some people bitterly complained when we replaced the first one, about how they hated the new one and why did we have to change, etc., etc., even though the first one was a bunch of junk. It really was. It was awful and the new one was an improvement but the key thing is, it was "new." It was something that had to be learned in terms of its different functions. Yes, people had to learn something so right away that put it in the doghouse, haha..

Then when the second one was removed in favor of a digital phone system the same howls arose. The person in the office next to mine loudly proclaimed what a piece of junk this new one was, and also repeatedly slammed the phone down onto its cradle. Yet with all that slamming, the phone still worked!

And eventually the howls died down. This 3rd system, the one we have now, is better than the previous one, no doubt about it.

I am not one to have change for change's sake whether or not it yields a better result. In other words, I am no Obama. But if I can see the benefits of making a change then heck, why not?

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