Friday, September 24, 2010


Yes I am an audio nut, as some of you are already aware from things like how I am obsessed with speakers.

If any of you out there are similarly inclined and appreciate CD's that are truly well recorded, I'd like to heartily recommend that you peruse the catalog of works that can be found at Reference Recordings.

The selections are mainly classical and jazz but there's a decent variety from which to choose and the recording quality is truly impeccable. Unlike many of the recordings you get today, these have a wide dynamic range (many of today's CD's have compressed sound - that is, they are made to sound loud all the time to get the attention of people who are listening via iPods and stuff like that), distortion-free, lacking in harshness and they are in general very detailed and natural sounding.

If you really want to test out your stereo system, buy one or two or a few and give a listen. They'll give your equipment a great workout (subwoofers included).

I was very pleased with the CD's I purchased and wanted to share this company and their efforts with you because of their attention to quality.

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