Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the future

The other night I watched an episode from the original Outer Limits. This one was made in 1964 but it was supposed to take place in the distant year 2011. Well at the time I guess 2011 was indeed pretty distant because that was 47 years in the future - pretty scary to think that I was watching the show back then when it originally aired, and now here I am today looking back on it!

Their concept of what things would be like a year from now was pretty interesting. For example:

Telephones had picture screens so you could see who you were calling. But they were these big, unwieldy things and.. they used dials, not touch-tone buttons.

Space travel had already taken place back in the 1980's and 1990's and there was a museum that featured some of the creatures that had been brought back to earth from other planets.

People were able to make duplicates of themselves to perform tasks that I suppose the original person did not want to do himself or herself. To resolve the problem of duplicates gathering up too much memory and becoming like the original, thus creating a problem of who exactly was the duplicate and who was the original, they were programmed to be destroyed after 5 hours.

Automobiles were supposed to have a really modern look, but they were mired by being inside of the box of that era. One of the cars was a modified Buick Riviera (remember those things?) and another looked like a modified Oldsmobile. At that time, apparently the main way of thought did not consider smaller cars, nor foreign cars.

I thought the phone was pretty funny. No one thought beyond the dial. Or that phones would get more compact so that in the real future, people would be talking into a handheld device that was portable.

But I guess that's how it is -we are mired in our culture, which influences the way we perceive the world and imagine things that are yet to be. Most of our thinking rests on what we already know. When you imagine the world 50 years from now, what do you see?


Anonymous said...

Remember when Art Linkletter asked you guys what it would be like in a hundred years and Keith said it didn't matter because he would be dead?

Rickie Miyake said...

Oh most definitely I remember that! That was the only response from any of us that day that generated a laugh from the audience. I think I cast a pall over the entire show by saying that there would probably be a nuclear war and no one would be around anymore, haha..

Elisabeth L. Uyeda said...

That is really cool about looking into the year 2011! Way back when I probably would not have fathomed the ability to freely exercise my freedom of speech by blogging into past midnight when I should be asleep cuz I gotta get up and go to work tomorrow.