Monday, September 20, 2010


The other morning I was awakened by some very noisy birds. I heard a whole bunch of them chirping but since it wasn't time to wake up yet I tried to go back to sleep. I did manage to doze off briefly but since the chirping continued it woke me right up again. They sounded like they were right outside the window.

After regaining a little more consciousness I started thinking that these birds were really noisy. And why were they right outside the window??? Were they building a nest?

I glanced at the alarm clock to see what time it was and then it hit me that the bird sounds were coming from the clock. Somehow the alarm sound had gotten changed from the chimes that I had set to the annoying sounds of birds chirping.

On one hand that was a relief that there really was no gang of birds that had taken up residence in our yard but on the other hand it meant it was time to wake up and drag myself off to work.

Instead of the normal buzzer or music that signals when it is time to wake up, maybe there should be sounds of barking dogs or crying babies. Or honking horns.. stuff like that.

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