Saturday, September 11, 2010

agonizing choices

I was looking over the Chowhound board just now and ran across a thread in which the poster was asking for opinions on getting a sheet cake from either Pavilions or Costco for an upcoming event.

Naturally since the word "Costco" was mentioned I had to investigate the thread, so I began reading the responses. As I kept reading, more and more I kept shaking my head thinking what a pathetic person the original poster was, haha..

Ask a question like hers and of course you are not going to get a definitive answer. Me, I would say get a Costco cake no question about it - it tastes better, is bigger and is cheaper, but then others have different opinions.

What got me is how the OP kept agonizing over the choice. And this ended up being a cake for an event where over half the attendees were aged 2-5???? Do you think any of them are going to care? The cake could be made out of sponge and they wouldn't be any wiser.

The poster was really something, though. She mentioned how she is more of a "Susina/Huckleberry Tartine in SF type of person" but for various considerations she has to go the cheap route. Then she mentioned how she would normally drive to Portos or Phoenix or get some Noah's bagels but for this obstacle or that obstacle that was not feasible and thus she was stuck with the choice that was the subject of the thread. In other words, no matter what people suggested she seemed to have some reason why she couldn't accommodate their suggestion.

It got to the point where I felt like posting, "WHY DON'T YOU JUST BUY ANYTHING AND THEN FORGET ABOUT IT??? NO ONE CARES, ESPECIALLY A BUNCH OF TODDLERS!!!!! WASSAMADAYOU, ANYWAY????!!?" Especially after reading how she was making some gluten-free vegan cupcakes for her husband and some of their more discerning friends and their children, which sort of set me over the edge. But I figured if I did that the Nazi Chowpolice would immediately delete my message and issue a warning to me, the victim of thread abuse.

I mean, it both amused and irritated the heck out of me that a bunch of people could get so involved pontificating about the merits of a sheet cake and that anyone could be so fussy about which one they bought for a bunch of people most of whom would have no idea where the cake came from, nor would they care.

That was my excitement for the evening. ; )


Anonymous said...

Crap about cake is very popular right now. Have you checked out Cake Boss? People pay $100 just to order a cake from some Buddy from New Jersey. Then it turns out the cakes go from $2500 to $10,000 each. I bet they taste like crap. The cakes are really rice crispy treats covered in fondant. If you ever had fondant, you will never forget the taste of play-dough mixed with sugar.
I understand why these losers are living in Hoboken but can't see why bakery programs are being impacted at the ROC and community colleges. Personally I would rather have a fruit tart.

Rickie Miyake said...

I think it is like anything - if you put the right spin on it, you can convince people that something very mundane is extraordinary because you do something special to it - you can see examples with stuff like these silly cakes that irritating person on Chowhound was agonizing about, or with Monster cables, the current craze over cupcakes (it's just a shaped piece from a cake!) or BMW's.