Monday, August 16, 2010

the worst

I went over to the board the other day and came across a thread entitled, "Gardens of Taxico (sic) - Worst Mexican in LA." (Note the correct spelling is Taxco)

Back in the mid-to-late 70's that used to be one of my favorite restaurants so naturally I had to find out why the original poster made that statement. I noticed that most of the responses, while not exactly agreeing it was the worst, said the food was awful and so was the decor. Someone also said it was an astounding $30 per person for dinner now.

In case you've never been there, this is a place where there is no menu. Or maybe there is but you have to get into a big fight with them to see one. Instead, the waiter introduces himself and tells you how they want to make your dining experience like eating at nice meal at a home in Mexico City, then makes a recommendation based on (1) if it is your first time there, and if not, then (2) what do you like to eat. The only bad meal I ever had was the first one, because that was just like a regular Mexican restaurant taco and enchilada combo. Their other dishes, I thought, were much more imaginative and not like any other Mexican place I'd tried up to that time.

Well I don't know if my tastebuds were simply out of whack or the place went downhill, but people sure did slam the place left and right, while offering up their own nominations for places even worse.

One of the other places mentioned was El Coyote.

I hadn't thought of that place in a long time but when I saw that, immediately I remembered that it was the absolute worst restaurant I've ever been to. Not just worst Mexican food, but worst, period.

So I posted that opinion as a reply to the thread, and received some responses telling me to trust the people who replied, there was worse than that out there!

I guess I should count myself lucky, then. Now, in my mind El Coyote sticks as the worst sit-down place. Yoshinoya is horrible too, but that's fast food. Then I remembered there have been some really bad Chinese places I've eaten at, especially those Hong Kong style cafes, the worst being the one on Baldwin just south of the bowling alley. I can't remember the exact name but that place just might have taken away the honors from El Coyote.

Haha.. what a subject for today's blog. Don't ask me why I chose it, I just happened to be thinking about how everyone seems to hate Gardens of Taxco now so I thought I'd speak up. Or write up.


Anonymous said...

Haters suck. How someone could spend $30 not including drinks there is beyond me. Soft drinks are a buck there. Refried beans, package tortillas and boiled meat are not expensive.

I no longer consider foodie sites. I've been to some places and wonder if the owners and their families wrote the comments. I had a Yelp account but no longer log in.

Anonymous said...

i have not been to Gardens of Taxco in years, either, but i remember it being fun with waiters who treated you nicely. Discouraging menus, they recommended what to order depending on how often you had been there before. Maybe it was because we were women that we received complimentary after-dinner sherry when my sister and i went with a friend.
I thought the food was good. On another occasion as we were leaving, the waiter rushed out to say "You are leaving without saying goodbye?"
my gosh we felt so flattered...
i went 2 yrs ago with boyfriend and the prices were not outrageous. i do not think the flavors were as unusual or different as in the past (after all, it was supposed to be prepared as in Taxco region). maybe new ownership or plain old times have changed.

Rickie Miyake said...

The way you remember Gardens of Taxco is the way I remember it - good service and good food, and I don't think it was because you were women that you got the sherry - they would give it to us as well. They also had these funny valets who sounded like they were from Jamaica and would yell at us as we drove past (since we didn't want to have valet parking) telling us, "hey mon, don't be so cheap!!!" The only thing I didn't like about the place was the strolling musicians. No matter where I am they make me uncomfortable.