Saturday, August 14, 2010

weird thoughts

So continuing on with yesterday's mindless thinking put into this blog, here's something else I was thinking about.

Humans are pretty adaptable to things. A lot of stuff you just get used to. Like for example, now I pretty much just drink water instead of anything else, and at room temperature. Before, I didn't care much for water at all and if I did drink it, it had to be cold. Room temperature water? Yuk. But once I started drinking it that way I got used to it.

Now let's say that you were to get a movie or video that had a lot of directional cues in it. For example, there is lots of action on the screen where things happen off to the left or right (or behind you) or the action and the associated noise goes from left to right - like a car roaring down the street. Or people who are on one side of the screen, so that their voices come from that side of your speakers.

What if you reversed all of the cues so that what showed on the screen on the left side had sound coming from the right side, and vice versa. So the sound wouldn't be coming from where the objects making that sound were positioned on the screen.

If you sat there watching this video for a long time, would you get used to that? And then how would that affect you in the real world?

Like I said, just writing down the crazy stuff that comes to mind, haha..

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