Tuesday, August 3, 2010


One of my passions is audio gear. I don't have real expensive, esoteric equipment but I think it's pretty decent. I've been known to have an obsession with speakers..

I notice when I read various audio forum posts that many folks have a passion, even an obsession or fetish for huge quantities of bass. They aren't satisfied unless they have a powerful subwoofer that can make everything in the room rattle, the walls and floors shake, and cause the neighbors to complain.

When they watch a movie, it's got to be lifelike. The more shaking, the better.

They'll comment about various scenes in movies that had extreme amounts of bass and the effect on their rooms and house in general.

Now, in their quest for life-like effects, don't these people realize that in real life, explosions and crashes and earthquakes and everything else that generates thunderous bass also generates huge amounts of damage to things?

So if you are thirsting for life-like bass effects from your movies, when that explosion in the movie causes the walls of the buildings to fall down, is that what you want to happen to your own house???

Some people sound like they do.

I think they long to be able to post something like, "man, I'm missing the whole living room wall but it was awesome!!!"

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