Thursday, August 26, 2010

nothing much

Looks like the last post here was on August 16, well over a week ago. Why nothing since then? A combination of being busy and not really having anything to write about.

We just had our official software conversion at work on Monday - that is, switching from one main system to another. This is something that was supposed to happen back in February but we weren't ready so we postponed it to May but we weren't ready so we postponed it to August. And we probably still weren't ready but then if we waited for that day it would never arrive. You just have to go forth and do it, and those who step up to the plate will step up to the plate and those who don't will fall by the wayside, haha..

The reaction so far: overall people hate it. They hate change. I think I am the only one in the entire company who loves it. I think it is great. It is designed so much better than our old system and has so much more capability for making tasks more efficient with better reporting and information.

The rest of the people, well, they just don't like change. They like things the old familiar way and can't think outside of that framework. Instead of thinking of the possibilities of the new system and how to get things done, they focus on looking for where the button on the old system is on the new system, instead of thinking in terms of why do we even need that old button, or what replaces it that is better.

It's that way all the time - no matter what. It comes as no surprise, though - I could pretty much predict how people were going to react. The thing is, it is what it is!


Anonymous said...

Its not about change; its about work. People being the lazy sods they are don't like anything that forces them to do one mite of additional work.

BTW. Thanks for keeping up with your blog. Seriously.

Rickie Miyake said...

Well thanks for the encouragement. I just haven't been in a writing mood. It comes in spurts I suppose.

And while you are right that most people don't want to do one mite of additional work I think another big factor is how most folks don't like change unless it is instant gratification easier, not down the road easier or beneficial. I think I am still the only one in the company who likes the new system..