Monday, August 2, 2010


I had lunch at El Pollo Loco today. I ordered a medium-sized drink and noticed that the cup was different from the usual one; it was a Dr. Pepper cup that was promoting a contest in conjunction with EA games and the side of the cup proclaimed, "EVERY CUP WINS!"

I peeled off the game sticker to see what I won and found out that you have to go to the Dr. Pepper web site and enter the code on the sticker for the results.

When I got home, that's what I did. I entered the code, and was then presented with three questions with drop-down answer boxes. The first question was what size drink I bought. The drop-down box presented several choices and I guessed it must have been the 32 oz size although I wasn't sure since the menu doesn't tell you how many ounces are in which size.

The second question asked where you bought the drink, and there were quite a number of possibilities. After scrolling through the list, naturally I found El Pollo Loco at the very bottom.

The third question asked what flavor I purchased. Well, I filled mine up with Diet Coke but that wasn't one of the choices. The choices were limited to flavors of Dr. Pepper. For the sake of hurrying up to find out what I had won since it had already taken so long already, I just clicked on Diet Dr. Pepper.

Okay, so show me what I won since every cup is a winner!

But no, now I was presented with a screen to register myself, asking my name, address, e-mail, birthdate, etc. Forget it. This is just too much trouble!!

The people who plan these contests ought to get a clue that people want instant gratification and don't want to jump through hoops, especially when the prospect of what you can win doesn't sound all that great to begin with. McDonald's has the right idea - you peel the sticker and right away you find out what, if anything, you've won.

Next time I order a medium drink at EPL, I'm gonna see if they have the old version of the cups.

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