Friday, July 9, 2010


Yesterday (Wednesday) I placed an online order with Walmart. Nope, I am not one of those folks who refuses to shop there on principle. The store seems in many respects to be out of the dinosaur age but I have no qualms about shopping there, and don't see them as the most evil thing in the universe as so many others seem to do.

Actually I would prefer to make my online purchases from Amazon, which I normally do, but since the item was $20 cheaper at Walmart, that was enough of a difference for me to take a chance on them.

Why do I say, "take a chance?" Because I've never purchased anything from them online so I don't know what to expect. With Amazon I get everything within two days and don't have to worry about anything, whereas Walmart seems so technologically backwards.

Well today I received notice that my order had shipped, and to expect it sometime next week. That's the range they gave - from Monday through Friday.

It's being shipped via some company called "Dynamex." I never heard of them. Given Walmart's reputation, I would expect a name like DynaChina; I was expecting it to be something familiar like FedEx or UPS. I went to the Dynamex website and entered my tracking number but it came up blank.

I was wondering where they got such an unusual name for a shipping company and then it struck me, the name is probably pronounced like "Dynamics." I had put the accent on a different syllable and thought it was pronounced like "Dyna-MEX." Well, either way, it's a weird name for a shipping company.

The tracking number is still unrecognized by them as I write this, so I hope all winds up going well with this purchase.

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