Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It's kind of nice having July 4 fall on a Sunday and then getting the following Monday off. While that still results in the same number of days off, Monday acts as a buffer between the celebratory atmosphere of the 4th versus the depressing atmosphere of having to drag oneself back to work.

We had a pretty relaxing day. We drove down to the Seal Beach pier. There's a small collection of shops and restaurants right by the beach and we walked around checking them out, then had a very fine lunch at a place called Crema Cafe. I wish there were cafes like that around the SGV, and maybe there are but I haven't found any yet. The only cafes I know of are the Chinese ones that serve Chinese food and mutated varieties of American food - a far cry from where we had lunch.

There were lots of people, perhaps because of the holiday, but there weren't masses of people like what you encounter at other beach areas like Manhattan or Santa Monica. The GPS took us right there. Even though I knew the way back I left it on the dashboard and let it guide us home - on the 10 Freeway the GPS was actually bouncing up and down because the road was so bumpy. What are our tax dollars being used for??

This afternoon I watched a movie I hadn't seen in a long time, not since the 90's: Speed. What a fun movie! It was even better in Blu Ray because of the picture and especially the sound. Yes, it's totally unrealistic, especially with its premise that a bus could constantly drive at speeds over 50 mph in Los Angeles, but it sure was entertaining. Dennis Hopper made such a wonderful villain, and the rest of the cast really fit the movie. Such edge-of-the-seat fun, and it began from the opening scene. I was thinking it sure would be nice to go to work on a bus like that every day, just ramming into whatever is in your path and shoving it out of the way!

A drive out to the beach area.. a good movie.. I could get used to that kind of living..


Anonymous said...

Wow, the wife and I rode down to the Seal Beach pier. We took the North Coyote Creek Trail to the San Gabriel River trail to River's End and then over to the Seal Beach pier. We were scheduled to do a ride with two other couples but something came up.

Anonymous said...

I did the same ride to the beach today. Man did it kick my rear end. I fought a head wind all the way there and then it was hotter than heck on the way back. Because of the tail wind I did go fast but rode exactly with the wind. No cooling breeze. I'm beat.