Thursday, July 1, 2010

On the Road - 5

I wrote all of these vacation posts on Saturday evening after we returned, and just set them up in advance to post on consecutive days.

By the time you read this, vacation will have ended and I'll have returned to work and will be suffering from post-vacation letdown. I don't have to guess about that, I know this will be the case because that's how I always feel. Not once have I ever been happy to return to work.

On the way home we stopped at the office to pick up an Amazon package that had come for me. I ran in and got it from my desk, noticing there seemed to be a lot more things on it than when I had left, but heck, I figured I'll deal with it later.

I've often wondered - is a vacation really a vacation if you have to work both sides of it to make room for it? A vacation should truly be a vacation - that is, it is where you put everything work-related into suspended animation and are giving a free ride past Go with no strings attached. Otherwise, how is it really a vacation? If you have to make room for it then that means you are actually working during a time that you normally wouldn't be working, which makes it more like time shifting.

Many workplaces also make employees feel guilty about taking vacation. Or some people think it makes them look better if they don't take a vacation, to show how dedicated they are to their job. Both of those things are crazy. My feeling is it is a person's right to take a vacation and everyone needs one.

Anyway.. let me just predict that as you read this, and I am now back at work, I am trying to think of ways to retire early and am also grateful that Monday July 5 is a holiday, haha..

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