Friday, July 2, 2010

Home Court Advantage

Okay, yesterday I posted about how depressing it is to have to return to work from vacation. However, I also have to say it is nice to be back home after being on vacation. Home sweet home is not the same as work sweet work.

Being on vacation and having to adjust to staying in other rooms made me appreciate how important it is having a home court advantage in sports. It isn't just the crowd cheering for you; it's the familiarity and comfort of being home and putting yourself into a more relaxed state because you know where everything is and you know what you are dealing with.

Every time I get back from vacation the house feels so big. It is so nice not to have to pack and unpack, and try and arrange the toiletries in a tiny little space in a strange bathroom. Even adjusting to the water flow from the shower and having different toilet paper throws me off track.

Vacations are to offset the adage of familiarity breeds contempt, and I certainly welcome the opportunity to get away. But after taking this antidote for a while, it is nice to come home again and enjoy the adage of home sweet home.

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