Wednesday, July 21, 2010

History repeats itself

If you don't want to be depressed, then don't read today's blog because it's a downer.

Yesterday I wrote about how, because of feelings of mass euphoria or mass depression, people start talking about how "this time it's different," but it really isn't. History repeats itself. Not exactly the same way each time, of course, but it does to a degree where you can say you've seen it before. And you'll see it again.

The downer part of my post is just something that I think about now and then, and that is, the same thing is going to happen to the good old U.S. of A. One of these days, our country will no longer exist.

Every great civilization thought it would continue forever, and every great civilization has gone down the tubes. Sure, some have reincarnated themselves, but it is not the same civilization as it was before; they went through some very dark days and were conquered by other nations.

The same is going to happen to us.

This isn't some dire warning or my standing on the street corner shouting at people, this is simply my observation that no country can last forever. I am not sure what will bring us down - could be our own stupidity. Could be our economy just falls apart and the increasing amount of foreign ownership becomes too heavy and we collapse. Could be a number of things, but with the way everything is becoming increasingly global these days, we can't set ourselves apart as the most powerful nation on earth who doesn't need help from anyone else.

Alliances change, circumstances change, and sooner or later what happened to other great civilizations will happen here. I hope it is later rather than sooner, of course, since I surely don't want my kids or their kids or others down the line to suffer because of it, but I feel it is inevitable. History just repeats itself. There's too many people and countries out there gunning for us and too many stupid things we do in this country to weaken ourselves. Complacency sets in, or maybe arrogance does, or a combination of both, or whatever.. things happen.

Okay, that was the depressing thought for the day. Now you can go back to work.

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