Saturday, July 10, 2010


Well lo and behold, when I got home from work today there was a box waiting for me from Walmart. That order I had placed on Wednesday and that was supposed to arrive sometime next week was delivered today! (see yesterday's post if you don't know what I am talking about)

What is odd is that I was never able to track this package and I still can't get any tracking info on it. According to the Walmart site, you can click a button next to your order to get tracking info, but there is no button to click. I tried entering all the different numbers that came with my order acknowledgment and notice that my order had shipped, and got no results from the Dynamex web site. Every number comes up with a response that there is no such number in their system.

On one hand I am quite pleased at the speed of the shipment, especially since the box came from their headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, but on the other, it is kind of disturbing how the tracking info is non-existent. Or rather, that trying to get results with what they send to you is non-existent.

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