Monday, July 19, 2010


I don't know what took me so long to buy it.. well, actually I do. I was waiting for the price to come down (which it didn't) and also, I was thinking the songs would be subject to new arrangements or theatrics or things to be cute. But finally after reading the reviews and looking at the set list, I purchased Elton John's 60th birthday concert at Madison Square Garden, on Blu Ray.

Better late than never! What a great concert! The video and audio quality are superb, too. It's like sitting just a few rows back from the stage right in the middle; they got the acoustics just right.

Most of the songs are from his earlier albums, which matches my interest, which tailed off after Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, and after he and Bernie Taupin split up. The old songs are the best, and his arrangements don't stray very far from the originals, either. John's voice is lower; what I missed was the high notes in his vocals to punctuate certain parts of his songs, but that's okay, the melodies were there and untampered with. Cute stuff like letting the audience sing was at a bare minimum, thankfully. That's one thing I hate about concerts: when the audience is invited to participate and sing the lyrics in place of the performer. I don't want to hear some drunken fool or tone-deaf admirer in place of the person I paid money to see.

I know this came out nearly three years ago and I'm behind the times but I was so happy I wanted to write about it. I sat there smiling and of course even though he was in bytes and pieces on the disc, I wanted to give him a big thank you for being around so long and being so talented. Everything about the concert was superb.

Like the Carol King / James Taylor reunion concert at the Troubadour, this was another part of the soundtrack from my life. I was wowed.

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