Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On the Road - 4

For you veteran readers of this blog, you may be wondering if we visited any Costco stores along the way on our brief vacation.

Well, yes, we did make time for that. There were several along the way, so why pass up the opportunity? Santa Cruz, Salinas, Sand City (near Monterey), San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Goleta and Oxnard.

After you stop laughing, you can continue on with this post.

Santa Cruz had the most stuff that was different than the others, and also had the best wine selection. Here's a few things I bought at the Santa Cruz location that the others didn't have.

Actually, the stores down here did have these salad dressings a while ago but they disappeared, which is too bad because they're both really good. Only the Santa Cruz store had these. I hope they aren't leftovers from when they were selling them down here, though.

Again, only the Santa Cruz store had this fancy rice blend. It must cater to that UCSB crowd.

A couple of stores had this one.

While most of the stock was the same at each store, I noticed that some stores had big bottles of Tabasco while others didn't sell any, big or little bottles. Some had Panko, which I don't see at the Costco's near the house. San Luis Obispo had several varieties of baked beans for some reason.

The worst locations were Salinas and Oxnard, with Santa Maria not much better. The wine selections are better up north, with the stores carrying wines from local wineries, whereas the stores down here only have labels that are available on a larger scale. I bought 5 bottles that the stores down here don't carry, but now only have 4 since I was careless when we got home to unpack and one rolled off the kitchen table and fell on the floor and broke. It sure smelled good, though.

While Santa Cruz had the best selection of products, it was nothing compared to what we encountered a couple of years ago during our trip to San Diego during Thanksgiving. The stores we visited down there had lots of products that aren't carried up here - I was so envious!

Yes, what would a vacation be without stopping at the Costco stores along the way?

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