Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On the Road - 3

We stayed in Pacific Grove Wednesday and Thursday night, then for the final night of our short trip we stayed in Ventura. I'd prefer Santa Barbara but it's too darn expensive for what you get, and Ventura isn't that far away from there but much more reasonable price-wise.

As far as figuring out where to stay, I consulted Yelp and Tripadvisor. One thing I noticed was that when you click the button to get rates from all of the major trip web sites, the rates are all pretty much the same, give or take a dollar or two at the most. You actually do the best when going directly to the hotel's web site instead, which is what I did for both PG and Ventura, and saved a significant amount of money.

There weren't many reviews for the place we stayed in Ventura, but the overall consensus seemed to be that it didn't look like much from the outside but the rooms were nice.

When the GPS announced, "arriving at destination, on left," I had to hand it to the reviewers because they sure were right about it not looking like much. It looked just like an old-style two-story motel.

An older Indian man was manning the counter when we walked into the office. Immediately our nostrils were overwhelmed with scents of curry. Well, it was their dinnertime and the guy was Indian so that made sense.

The reviewers were pretty much spot on with their comments about the room, too. It was nice, but small. There was a 42" LCD television to brighten things up, and the bathroom had been remodeled. There was also a faint aroma of curry wafting into the bathroom as well, but luckily it was faint and it stayed there and didn't wander into the main room.

For dinner that night we went casual, to Andria's Seafood Market and Restaurant down by the harbor, which, according to most reviews, had the best seafood in the city. I have nothing to compare it to, but the fish and chips were very good and plentiful.

The next morning we packed the car then went to the office to turn in the key. Hmm.. they were having curry for breakfast, also.

Come to think of it, the manager at the place in Pacific Grove was also Indian but he was more Americanized. No accent, and we talked about the Lakers. He was actually at the Staples Center for game 6 when the Lakers walloped the Celtics, so we talked about that and whether or not Phil Jackson is going to hang around and who else will be here next year.

Sorry, no pics..

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Anonymous said...

Two ways: 1) Use the online systems and then call them up directly. Ask for either a better rate or an upgrade. Works for me.
2) Since the wife will not let me book anything less than 4 stars we get brave and do the Hotwire.com. Hey, the absolute location is never mission critical and is really fun to get the really nice room for half price.