Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Group Dining

I thought I would just mention a few observations about what happens when you go eat with a big group of people and there's just one check for the group so each person has to put in their share of the bill.

You have the person who orders a bunch of appetizers or drinks but then when the bill comes suggests dividing the amount equally.

You have the person who seemingly has no math skills because they always seem to forget adding an appropriate tax and tip to whatever their food cost.

You have the person who, when going somewhere like a Chinese restaurant with shared entrees, always takes the leftovers as though that is an unwritten rule. Yet they also always seem to be the one guilty of the first two peeves I mentioned above.

You have the person who, when someone else is paying, always orders the most expensive item on the menu. Now if that is really what they want to eat, fine, but I suspect more often than not it is because the meal is on someone else's dime (or dollar).

You have the person who thinks 10% is a normal tip and then also that it should only be on the amount before tax. "You're leaving too much tip!" they complain. Often that person asks for a lot of extra things from the wait staff.

It seems like the larger the group, the more deficient are the contributions towards paying the bill. It is easier to be anonymous in a large group situation, I suppose. But even in groups of two or three this still occurs.

The thing is, it is always the same person(s) who do this but usually no one says anything.


Anonymous said...

I've gone out with people that love to have many drinks, even ordering bottles of wine and then expect a simple split. As soon as I see this happening, I stand up, open the wallet, plop down what we owe, rounded up to the nearest twenty and walk out. As far as the group, are done with them. The other stuff like 10% tip bothers me so I make it a point to leave some extra cash. Most Chinese food is best straight off the wok and who ever wants the left over can have them. The only exception would be dim sum and fish dishes.

Anonymous said...

u need to speak up :)