Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Food Adventures

One very important decision that has to be made immediately after entering a Souplantation is.. which line do you get in - the left or the right? A cursory scan of the absolute number of people in each direction is not necessarily the best way to make your decision; you have to take demographics into account and meld that with your previous experience in order to determine which line will get you to the register the fastest. At times it can be an exercise worthy of the beautiful mind of John Nash.

Well unfortunately this doesn't always work. What looked like a sure thing turned into us getting in line in back of a trio that seemed to want to take something from every single tray of food in the line. And take it as slowly as possible, piling two different plates into the stratosphere. I felt like leaning over to tell them YOU CAN COME BACK FOR SECONDS, YOU KNOW!!!

Yes, I am very impatient if you haven't already figured that out.

As we drove up to Souplantation we noticed the restaurant that took over the space formerly occupied by the Macaroni Grill was now open. We'd been curious about it, since the only clues were the name (Pioneer Point Grill), a building redone in an Old West motif, and a replica of a covered wagon out front. Hmm.. maybe a good ol' steak house was coming to the area? We also noticed that the name had changed to Pioneer Point Buffet and Grill. After dinner we strolled the block from Souplantation to the new place to check out the menu.

"I wonder if this is another one of those all you can eat Chinese buffets," I joked. And I do mean joked, since with an exterior decor like that, I hardly thought that would be the case.

I took one of the paper to-go menus, opened it up and took a look. Here is what they specialize in: American Round-Up; Italian Chow; Wood-Fired Pizza; Old West Barbecue; Mexican Fiesta; Orient Express; Harvest Greens; Hearty Soups; and Homemade Treats." Oh, my. The place made Hometown Buffet look like a one trick pony.

When we got home I checked out the reviews on Yelp. Oh, my. Plenty of one star ratings with explanatory comments, such as, "After we got home my boyfriend and I both felt sick and wanted to vomit." Most of the other comments weren't much better than that.

What I don't get is how the Old West motif has anything to do with the menu.

I wonder what the next restaurant will be that opens in that location.

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