Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Say what?

I think I've mentioned before in this blog about how GPS devices ought to have more character to them - like be interactive, or have funny voices. Like when you don't follow the directions the voice gets some attitude:

"Say what??? Why you wants to dis' me, huh?? Were you not listening to what I said or am I jes' talkin' to myself? You think I like being cooped up in this little box all day??"

Today I ran across today's YouTube video and apparently TomTom does have celebrity voices for its GPS units. The first one out is Darth Vader (see below) but on the way are voices for Yoda, C3P0 and Hans Solo. I think Yoda and C3P0 ought to be a riot. Hans Solo.. well, too serious. Maybe they should have R2D2 for driving in the San Gabriel Valley.

I have a couple of other suggestions - how about Don Knotts or Issac Hayes? Porky Pig would be good.. or Elmer Fudd. Hahahahaha..

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